On the 2nd of April 2016 the Sote HUB hosted Nixon Aboge from Kenya Industrial Estate for a business plan creation training. The event started at mid-morning at a very high note. The first part was on the executive summary and business description.

pik one.jpg

The speaker, Mr. Nixon Aboge training on the business plan.

After a short break the group was divided into two groups and given a task. Each group was given a set of questions which gave a guideline on how to come up with an executive summary and a business description. One group was given a task on a start-up while the other one was given a task on a real company.

During the afternoon session the Mr. Nixon trained on marketing, product and financial plan, management and organization and appendices. Later the speaker gave a two week assignment. All the start-ups will make a business plan and send it to Mr. Nixon for evaluation.

pik two

During the group work.

The event was a success as everybody went home will extra knowledge on how to make an effective business plan. I am looking forward to the next training!

Blogging by Lucia Muthoni- Community and school outreach assistant.

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